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Prince William: “We are not a racist family”

Prince William: “We are not a racist family”
11.03.2021 16:50

Prince William attended a school in Stratford. He and his wife, Kate, had come to East London to speak to students who have been back in class. That was Williams’ first public appearance since his brother Harry and his wife Meghan accused the royal family of racism in a television interview. Before the appointment, the palace had asked the press not to ask questions about it. Prince William, it was said, would not answer that. But that’s exactly what he did.

A reporter asked William if he had spoken to his brother since the interview. “No,” replied the prince, “I have not spoken to him, but I will.” William went on, but then the reporter asked if the royal family was a racist family. The prince briefly touched the mask on his face, looked in the direction of the reporter and said: “We are definitely not a racist family.”