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Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Mi 10: design,display and price

Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Mi 10: design,display and price
11.02.2021 14:59

The Xiaomi Mi 11 seems to be a tremendous left-of-field option, especially for those who want to get the best possible hardware.

We’d heard rumors the launch event would also bring us the Xiaomi Mi 11 , as well as perhaps a Lite and Ultra model of the new Xiaomi flagship, but those rumors evidently turned out to be incorrect.

Xiaomi is using many of the same components found in the  Samsung Galaxy S21 series for its Mi 11.

Xiaomi doesn’t have any official comment on this, or even on whether the phone is coming at all the company declined to comment on the matter so until the phone is released , we’ve collected our theories as to why it wasn’t shown off.

The Mi 11 has an unassuming but elegant design. It’s keeps the punch-hole display from the Mi 10, basically the standard for Android phone panels these days. 

The panel itself has a 2K resolution (1440 x 3200). It means that, in theory, it gets slightly better visuals than the more common QHD resolution phones like the S21 Ultra. 

The Mi 11 offers 55W wired charging, plus 50W wireless charging when used with a compatible charging pad. Plus there is 10W reverse wireless charging if you want to transfer power from the Mi 11 to another phone or accessory.

The base price for the Mi 11 has been confirmed in euros at €749. To make things clearer, the Mi 10, last year’s model, sold in the U.K. for £799, and in Europe for €799.