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Why Donald Trump fights Republicans for his name?

Why Donald Trump fights Republicans for his name?
11.03.2021 17:13

Texan nationalists have long been fighting for a secession from the USA . But today they are receiving support from the ranks of the Republicans. A MP is calling for a referendum on Texas as a separate state.

The plan that can lead to the end of the USA in its current form is in a brown envelope. Kyle Biedermann, MP in the Texas House of Representatives, presents his bill. Biedermann’s plan has only six sides, but all sorts of explosive power. The conservative Republican wants to clarify in a referendum whether Texas “should leave the United States of America and establish an independent republic”. If it is up to Biedermann, 61, the Texans will vote on it on November 2nd.

Last Friday, Trump’s lawyers sent a cessation letter to the Republican National Committee as well as to the House and Senate Campaign Committees insisting that they avoid using his “name, logo, and/or likeness in any lobbying, persuasion.”