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What is the meaning of human ancestry ?

A recent research indicates that the emphasis should turn to solving other puzzles instead of continuing the quest for when and when modern human ancestors originated.

What is the meaning of human ancestry ?
15.02.2021 16:55

Experts from the Museum of Natural History, the Francis Crick Institute, and the Jena Max Planck Institute for the Study of Human History have joined together to unravel the various definitions of origins in the evolution of Homo sapiens.

The study explores the current understanding about modern human ancestry and how it can be traced back to the distant past, as well as some of the human ancestors found on that timeline. It also asserts that no specific starting point can currently be identified when we’re talking about modern human ancestry.

Co-author researcher at the Natural History Museum Prof Chris Stringer said: “Some of our ancestors will have lived in groups or populations that can be identified in the fossil record, whereas very little will be known about others. 

To achieve the monumental task of answering questions, the researchers note that the ancient genetic record needs to be amplified. To do so, they suggest that improvements are necessary for the technology that is used in retrieving and screening ancient DNA.