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As the US space agency Nasa announced, it hopes to receive more images, videos and possibly the first sounds ever recorded on Mars relatively quickly. “Perseverance” arrived safely on the Red Planet yesterday evening after a seven-month journey through space. There was huge cheers in the control center in Pasadena,...
Fancy cooking up some tasty treats for astronauts on interstellar missions? Great, but remember, their food must be able to be cooked and eaten in space, feeding these far-flung travelers as they head to Mars. US$500,000 is up for grabs for the winners of this Deep Space Food Challenge. Careful...
As the Tianwen-1 probe reached orbit on Wednesday, researchers observed water emanating high up in the thin atmosphere of the red planet.
An orbiter and lander launched by China is today set to be the second of three space missions to reach Mars this month.
The Tianwen-1 probe in China is slowly nearing the end of its voyage to Mars. The craft has now sent its first snapshot of the red planet back to Earth, just 1.1 million kilometers away.