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A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched a new batch of 60 Starlink internet satellites into orbit late Monday (Feb. 15), but failed to stick its landing on a floating platform at sea.  Starlink is a global satellite-based data network powered by small, low-Earth orbit satellites. Historically, broadband satellites have been large, expensive...
Officially known as 99942 Apophis , the space rock is wider than three football fields, and at one point, scientists estimated it had about a 3 percent chance of hitting Earth during an upcoming close pass in 2029. After searching through some older astronomical images, scientists ruled out the possibility of...
A recent research released this week in Science reveals that the songs of fin whales can be used for seismic imaging of the oceanic crust, presenting scientists with an innovative alternative to traditional surveying.
An orbiter and lander launched by China is today set to be the second of three space missions to reach Mars this month.
NASA has awarded Firefly Aerospace, a company based in Cedar Park, Texas, a $93.3 million contract to carry out a mission to conduct experiments and test new technologies on the Moon.
The Tianwen-1 probe in China is slowly nearing the end of its voyage to Mars. The craft has now sent its first snapshot of the red planet back to Earth, just 1.1 million kilometers away.