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Scientists seeking to explain the repeated waves of coronavirus infections across the globe believe they have found a pattern: As pollen levels in outdoor air rose in 31 countries, COVID-19 cases intensified. Though pollen does not disperse the virus, the study found that it prevents the release of signal substances...
Since January, there has been a “strong decline” in levels of coronavirus infections in England, scientists monitoring the outbreak say. Prevalence remains high however, with about one in 200 people infected with Covid between 4 and 13 February, compared with about three times that number between 6 and 21 January,...
Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello sounds alarm as he suggests that vaccine works against new variants without providing evidence for claims.
A World Health Organisation expert investigating the origins of COVID-19 says his team has uncovered “important clues” about a Wuhan seafood market’s role in the pandemic.
Coronavirus: Progress in Vaccines and Drugs The race for the corona vaccine is entering the home straight. Now it is the first approval in Europe, further procedures are ongoing, Russia and China are already vaccinating parts of their population.