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Study: Significant decrease in coronavirus across England since January

Study: Significant decrease in coronavirus across England since January
18.02.2021 13:03

Since January, there has been a “strong decline” in levels of coronavirus infections in England, scientists monitoring the outbreak say.

Prevalence remains high however, with about one in 200 people infected with Covid between 4 and 13 February, compared with about three times that number between 6 and 21 January, the interim findings showed.According to the Imperial College London team, during early-to-mid-February 0.51% of people in the study tested positive in England, down from 1.57% in early January. In London, positive tests fell from 2.83% to 0.54% over six weeks.

Prof Paul Elliott, director of the programme at Imperial, said the drop in infection rates was “really encouraging”.

Mark Woolhouse, professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh, said: “I think we do have reasons to be more confident that we can move out of lockdown swifter than we could have done out of the first one.”

Other experts warned of the need for “careful” in the reopening of schools, scheduled to begin in England from 8 March and in Scotland and Wales from 22 February, in light of the evidence from the React report.

In other developments:

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A study of GP records finds black and mixed heritage people in their 70s are being vaccinated against Covid-19 at much lower rates than white people.

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