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Seven new mutations of coronavirus found in the US

Seven new mutations of coronavirus found in the US
15.02.2021 16:54

According to a recent study, a team of researchers found seven distinctive forms of the novel coronavirus dispersed in the United States, new strains that are specific to and mutated throughout the United States.

“There’s clearly something going on with this mutation,” Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center virologist and co-author of the study, Jeremy Kamil, told.

He was sequencing coronavirus test samples from Louisiana when he came across new variants of the virus. Kamil uploaded the viral strains he uncovered onto an online database, and after receiving an email from a researcher at the University of New Mexico, co-author of the study Daryl Domman, the two found that the same lineage had also appeared in both places and dove in further to investigate.

The team named the seven mutants after 677 birds, with one, dubbed Robin 1, occurring throughout America in more than 30 states.

A second “first appeared from a sample from Alabama on Oct 6, 2020 and is called ‘Robin 2’ because of its similarity to the parental Robin 1 sub-lineage,” they wrote, and is seen mostly in the southeast of the country.

The revelation came after Michael Osterholm, who served on the transition team of President Joe Biden, warned of a “hurricane” of serious cases if vaccination is not expanded until “mutant” forms take root in the United States.