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Recent analysis connecting pollen to infections with COVID-19

Recent analysis connecting pollen to infections with COVID-19
12.03.2021 11:05

Scientists seeking to explain the repeated waves of coronavirus infections across the globe believe they have found a pattern: As pollen levels in outdoor air rose in 31 countries, COVID-19 cases intensified.

Though pollen does not disperse the virus, the study found that it prevents the release of signal substances that activate the immune response.

There are, a lot of hypotheses. They revolve around factors like temperature and humidity viruses seem to prefer warmer, drier air something that is believed to make them spread more quickly in the winter months. People are subject to less sunshine during the winter, when they spend more time indoors, and the earth stays away from the sun, providing some natural covering.

To reduce the risk of infection, all people especially those in a risk group should pay attention to pollen reports. “One way to defend yourself from airborne pollen” is to use the FFP2 mask, Dahl said,pollen researcher at the University of Gothenburg.