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Nasa rover Perseverance sends first photo from Mars

Nasa rover Perseverance sends first photo from Mars
21.02.2021 11:02

As the US space agency Nasa announced, it hopes to receive more images, videos and possibly the first sounds ever recorded on Mars relatively quickly. “Perseverance” arrived safely on the Red Planet yesterday evening after a seven-month journey through space. There was huge cheers in the control center in Pasadena, California. US President Joe Biden spoke of a “historic” landing and congratulated NASA. With the help of the robot, early traces of life on Mars should be found.

Particularly difficult landing maneuver

The landing maneuver was considered particularly difficult. Since the radio signals need eleven minutes before they reach the earth, the aircraft had to carry out all maneuvers independently. The rover entered the atmosphere of the red planet around seven minutes before landing at a speed of around 20,000 kilometers per hour. Then a landing parachute opened, the heat shield was pushed off, and rocket engines slowed the speed down massively. In the final phase of the landing maneuver, the rover was lowered into the Jezero crater from a height of around 20 meters using a type of crane with cables. There he should now conduct the examinations.