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NASA awards $93.3 million to deliver science payloads to moon

NASA has awarded Firefly Aerospace, a company based in Cedar Park, Texas, a $93.3 million contract to carry out a mission to conduct experiments and test new technologies on the Moon.

NASA awards $93.3 million to deliver science payloads to moon
08.02.2021 16:05

The research scheme for the Artemis Moon is a multi-tiered one. Of course, the expected return of astronauts to the satellite is the most spectacular and noticeable of these stages.

The entire mission, which will be carried out mostly on its own by Firefly, will feed into the Artemis program of NASA. The organization has been awarding contracts to firms such as SpaceX and Blue Origin to speed up its timetable as part of the initiative.

More to the point, NASA will attempt to determine items such as how lunar regolith binds to a variety of materials subjected to the atmosphere of the Moon, acquires lunar regolith and prepares it for analysis for shipping back to Earth, and also assists by using retroreflectors to calculate the distance between the Earth and the Moon more precisely.

Furthermore, Congress only allotted $850 million to NASA’s Human Landing Device initiative in the current appropriations package, instead of the $3.2 billion the department had sought.