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How many games will be on Google Stadia in 2021?

How many games will be on Google Stadia in 2021?
14.02.2021 18:44

The Google Stadia team will add over 100 games to its cloud gaming service this year, a new post on its community blog has revealed.

This week’s Stadia community blog post went live today, revealing that Google is planning for “more than 100 games” to arrive on the platform throughout 2021.

Triangle Studios’ It came from space and ate our brains is an arcade top-down shooter featuring brain-eating aliens invading Earth. It has a campaign mode that can accommodate up to four local players and will be available on March 2nd. Kaze and the Wild Masks, a side-scroller featuring classic ’90s platformer elements and modern-looking pixel art graphics, is arriving on March 26th. 

Google, Phil Harrison, Stadia vice president, said at the time, claims that adding third-party games to the site is the “best path to building  into a long-term, sustainable business.” One of those games was meant to be Terraria, but after suspending the Google accounts of its co-creator, the sandbox game’s Stadia release was cancelled.

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