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First update to YouTube’s iOS app in 2 months

First update to YouTube’s iOS app in 2 months
15.02.2021 18:07

Google finally updated its Youtube iOS app for the first time in over two months, becoming one of the highest-profile Google apps to see an update since early December when Apple began requiring that developers disclose privacy practices for each of their apps in order to have their updates approved.

While there has been rumors that an effort to circumvent Apple’s latest privacy marks is the reason for the absence of changes to iOS versions of Gmail, Docs, Search, and Images, Google has specifically denied that that was the case. The business said in a blog post last month that when updates were available, it would apply the labels to its applications.

Earlier this week, the Gmail iOS app even began displaying “out of date” warnings when trying to add a new account, even though there is no new version of the app available and there have been no updates to the Gmail iOS app since December 1.