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Covid-19 Live Updates:Employers have no plans to mandate vaccines

It would not make the COVID-19 vaccine obligatory, the government has consistently said, but resisting the jab at work could also see you losing your career.

Covid-19 Live Updates:Employers have no plans to mandate vaccines
13.02.2021 18:40

The Australian government has continually assured Australians the COVID-19 vaccine won’t be mandatory but workplaces across the country could still require their employees to get the jab, with those who refuse possibly risking their jobs.

Less than 1% of employers have a vaccine mandate in place currently, and just 6% plan to implement one once vaccines are more readily available.

Employees also have that same obligations to their colleagues, clients and customers, making it relatively easy for employers, particularly those in client facing industries, to establish a vaccine requirement.

“It’s a telling sign that employers’ top two concerns with requiring vaccination are not legal or liability issues, but rather focus on the personal perspective of employees and the potential impact on company culture,” Barry Hartstein, leader of Littler’s COVID-19 Vaccination Working Group, said in a statement. 

Mr Mamaril said if the employer can show they have made an effort to make these adjustments but find the employee is unable to perform their role without a vaccine then they can move towards termination.

“If someone objects on religious, political or social grounds if an employer has taken some steps to accommodate that employee, that will normally be enough to allow a termination,” he said.

75 percent state there is concern over ensuring appropriate housing for those who are not vaccinated for offices who intend to reopen, the Littler survey found. A way of life is supposed to be safety measures such as regular testing, temperature controls, mask wearing and social distancing.