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China successfully launches Long March 7A carrier rocket

China successfully launches Long March 7A carrier rocket
12.03.2021 11:52

China’s next-generation Long March 7A blasted off from its Wenchang launch site in the southern province of Hainan early on Friday, one year after a failed attempt.

China’s first attempt to launch Long March 7A in March 2020 suffered a launch setback at the Wenchang Space Launch Pad. At the time, Chinese officials said that engineers would investigate the cause of the malfunction without providing any further information.

Friday’s success was seen as a milestone for China, as the Long March 7A could raise the payload weight to the geosynchronous orbit from 5.5 tons to 7 tonnes, according to CASC.
The CZ-7A is a three-stage, medium-lift, liquid fuel rocket. It is planned to play a major role in China’s high-orbit missions.

The BeiDou satellite chain had been completed and the Tianwen-1 Mars probe had been launched. The year ended with the completion of the Chang’e 5 Moon Mission, which gathered rock samples from the surface of the Moon and returned them to Earth.