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Boeing starts the new year with 26 planes in January

In January, Boeing delivered an upgraded 26 planes, bolstered by the approval of the 737 MAX jet to fly again after a 20-month ban, as it also secured four new orders for its 747-8 freighters.

Boeing starts the new year with 26 planes in January
09.02.2021 19:23

Boeing said  that last month it shipped 26 aircraft to buyers, but order cancellations tended to outpace new orders while the manufacturer still faces the Covid-19 pandemic.

Boeing, which books revenue after actual deliveries, said it handed over 21 737 MAX jets last month, along with one P8 military plane and four wide-body aircraft other than the 787 Dreamliner that had no deliveries for the third straight month.

Last week, Boeing said it cut its backlog of its newest jet the 777X, by more than a third after disclosing it doesn’t expect the wide-body plane to enter service until late 2023. That is more than two years later than it previously forecast and driven by weaker demand and heightened regulatory scrutiny of aircraft after the 737 Max crashes.

January orders net of cancellations and conversions, however, stood at negative two, as customers scrapped two orders for 737 MAX jets, three orders for 747-8 aircraft and one order for 787-8 Dreamliner.European rival Airbus SE reported deliveries of 21 aircraft in January with no orders or cancellations.