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‘Bird flu’ pandemic is coming!

‘Bird flu’ pandemic is coming!
23.02.2021 18:41

Numerous specialists at a bird-flu influenced poultry plant in Russia have been infected with H5N8, making this the primary case of H5N8 being passed from poultry to people.

The head of Russia’s consumer watchdog, Anna Popova that all seven workers are presently feeling well which measures were rapidly received to stem the spread of disease.

The World Health Organization’s statement confirmed that the individuals that have been infected were “asymptomatic and no onward human to human transmission was reported.” 

“The discovery of these mutations when the virus has not still acquired an ability to transmit from human to human gives us all, the entire world, time to prepare for possible mutations and react in an adequate and timely fashion,” Ms Popova said.

If the virus had mutated and human-to-human dissemination had been accomplished, this would cause significant concern, since past transmissions of H5N1 and H7N9 influenza strains from birds to humans resulted in a fatality incidence of 60 per cent and 39 per cent, respectively.