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U.K’s best selling consoles in January 2021

U.K’s best selling consoles in January 2021
09.02.2021 17:23

The Xbox series X and S were the UK’s best selling consoles in January 2021, beating out both PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch for the first time since launch.

The tip comes courtesy of Microsoft employee Timo Wolf, who dropped the knowledge in a Tweet Monday morning.As Wolf notes, it’s a feature that could be immensely helpful for Xbox Game Pass subscribers who play games across mobile, Windows PC, and Xbox.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller has a sync button on the front, just like the old one. You can still use it to pair a new controller with an existing console by holding it down for a long press. Same goes if you’d like to pair the controller with a Windows 10 PC or an Android device. 

Elsewhere, Animal Crossing New Horizons held strong as the top boxed game in the UK for January 2021, with Hitman 3 entering the chart at 12th position, making it the month’s best-selling launch.